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Security Drivers UK

August 9, 2022
Security Drivers UK. Spartan 24 Hour Security Protection's Security Drivers services provide our clients with peace of mind during local and international travel. Customised to your needs, we will provide the logistical support, vehicles, experienced drivers and professional Close Protection personnel to ensure a safe experience both on and off the road.

Whether it's for business, pleasure or any other interest your travel security will be managed and planned for by our experienced team. The appropriate vehicle, security driver and a trained Close Protection Officer will be assigned to you. Flexible and efficient, our team will ensure your safety on the road whilst allowing you to achieve your objectives as smoothly and with as little risk as possible.

Our security driver solutions are flexible and scalable. We know that plans change rather suddenly, and we are able to facilitate travel arrangements within the UK for almost any situation. Whether you require travel security in one city for a few hours, or multi-day, cross-border travel security for a team we are able to help.

North West England Event Security

June 17, 2022
North West England Event Security. Spartan 24 Hour Security provides A-class Event Security guards services across North West England and UK. Our Manchester Event Security guard service is flexible and caters to a wide range of settings. Be it a red carpet event, a corporate boardroom meeting, or a family event.

Event Security services in North West England have a vast experience in Event Security.  Spartan Event Security have worked with people of a variety of nationalities and cultural back...

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Manchester Event Security

April 1, 2022
Manchester Event Security Services for Concerts, sporting occasions, exhibitions, conferences and corporate hospitality events all have to abide by strict health and safety legislation. It's a serious business and the onus is on organisers to ensure that all staff and visitors are kept as safe as is reasonably possible.

Manchester event security, crowd safety management and corporate hospitality services are specifically designed to provide enhanced levels of safety for all. As the leading spe...

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Planning An Event

March 3, 2022
Develop Your Event Goal and Objectives

The very first step in planning your event is to establish tangible goals and objectives.  

Start by asking yourself: Why are you organizing this event and what do you hope to achieve?

If you know your organization’s key goals before planning, you can ensure that every part of your event is optimized for success.  

Are you trying to raise awareness for a cause, or collect a predetermined amount of donations for your next project? Are you hoping to attract ...

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Guest Safety At Events

January 24, 2022
Every person who attends a high-profile event will be worried about their safety and wellbeing. If you are hosting a regal affair, then you will be responsible for ensuring that your guests are safe during your event.

You will need to hire a professional security detail to protect all of your guests and ensure that your event occurs without a hitch. The last thing you want is someone breaking into your private event and causing trouble or a guest filing a lawsuit against you due to negligence....

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Making Your Hotel More Secure

January 10, 2022
Any team that runs a hotel knows how each member must quickly get used to juggling responsibilities. Daily tasks like cleaning the rooms and opening the continental breakfast never change, but management has to think about so much more.

As you plan out your hotel’s future, there are always security concerns to consider. Even if your hotel is in a low-crime area, it’s smart to stay ahead of the game and look for security advancements.

Increase Security Cameras

Covering your property in securi...

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