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Home security can reduce insurance costs

Posted by Matt Hill on Monday, March 25, 2019, In : Home Security 
Regardless of whether you own a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, a condo on the beach, or a ranch in the suburbs it is important to have good homeowner's insurance coverage. The addition of a home security system can help to reduce the costs of premiums.

When selecting an insurance policy it is important to know what a homeowner's policy will cover and not cover. Most policies will protect your home in the event of damage from fire or water, flood insurance is typically a separate addition. Selec...

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Home Security Monitoring

Posted by David Morgan on Monday, March 25, 2019, In : Home Security 
When choosing a home security system, you will find that systems have certainly become far more advanced than in years past. In the past, one of the most important features on a home security system was an alarm that was loud and high enough to not only scare away would-be burglars but wake the dead as well.

Today; however, reliable home security companies have come to realize that an audible alarm is sometimes simply not enough to completely eliminate the threat of a home invasion. While an a...

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CCTV Home Security

Posted by Donna Mills on Monday, March 25, 2019, In : Home Security 
You may have heard a lot about home security and the rising crime rate, but you may not know what features a home security system actually has. Let's consider some of the system's most valuable features.

To begin, consider the system's video surveillance option. Through the use of digital Closed Circuit TV, you can put your property under surveillance. This not only serves as a deterrent, meaning that it discourages burglars from even trying, it also provides video documentation of events as t...

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