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Warrington Hotel Security

Posted by James Morris on Saturday, May 11, 2024 Under: Hotel Security
Hotel Security Warrington. We have worked with many leading hotel chains and supported them with reception work, car park monitoring and event organisation and security management.

Our Warrington Hotel Security Officers come professionally dressed and have a welcoming persona, treating your guests and staff with respect and courtesy at all times. We can be visually open as security within the hotel, or fade into the background until needed.

During our time at your Warrington hotel we initially conduct a health and safety inspection of the premises at the start of each shift, and report any anomalies to management. Random floor walks are used to deal with any issues that may arise which are then recorded in our incident report log, which is given to management at the end of the shift. We spend most of our time supporting reception and bar staff and helping guests with any queries they may have.

Warrington Hotels are one of the higher risk sectors due to terrorism, and everyday internal and external criminal activities. Hotels hold a lot of people, some of whom may be VIPs, and criminals would  attract considerable media attention by targeting these types of premises. Spartan 24 Hour Security has in-depth knowledge of the risks hotels are open to, and our security personnel can spot potential threats and deal with it in a professional manner quietly and discreetly.

Some Warrington hotels suffer from high rates of theft from their employees; to combat this we can provide evidence in a legal format appropriate for disciplinary or court proceedings.

Our main aim within your Warrington Hotel is to ensure your staff and guests’ security and safety are paramount, followed by your guests having a great night’s sleep and stay. Hotel Security in Warrington.

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