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Window Security Bars

Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Under: Guest Security Articles
We've all seen them: window security bars are affixed to most city businesses and street level residences.

But have you ever considered them for your home or business? If not, you should.

There are a number of very important purposes that they can serve-from protecting your home or business to safeguarding your children. Below, we give you a comprehensive look at window home security bars in types and purposes to help you in choosing window security for your needs.


The first thing to know about security bars and gate products is that there are two main purposes they serve, and depending on which is a bigger concern for you, will determine the kind of window security that you will need.

Security Bars for Crime: The most common reason people consider security bars is to thwart crime. It is an enhanced security measure-and in city street level instances, necessary-that prevents a criminal from breaking your windows and gaining entry to your business or home.
Security Bars for Children/Pets: Another reason to consider security bars or gate products is to prevent small children and pets from exiting your window, and protect them from harm.
Type of Window

Once you have determined whether you want security bars for crime or child/pet safety, you must determine what kind of window you want to fit with window security window bars. The most common types of windows are: casement, single hung, double hung, and sliding. This said, your window could be a custom style or size, and should always be discussed with your security bar provider. Depending on the type of window you have, will determine how many bars and the size the security home bars to be used.

Size of Window

Next, and closely tied to the last, is the size of your window that you want secured. Security home bars and gate systems come in a variety of sizes to match the standard size of your windows, and often do have custom allowances to fit larger or smaller than standard sizing. To begin, start by measuring the window opening, height and length. If you are looking for security for children or pets, you are likely to find very standardized, expandable products that do not require measuring or precision.

Type of Security Window Bars/Gate

Next, in choosing window security products, you must know that there are three basic types of window bar systems: fixed, removable, and hinged.

Fixed: As can be expected, fixed security bars/gate products do not open. They are often easy to fit and inexpensive to purchase. They come in a variety of styles.

Hinged: The hinged kind offers security and the convenience of being able to open (like a door) your security home bars for cleaning, etc, as well as providing another means of escape in the case of fire or emergency.

Removable: Again, as can be expected, removable security window bars are just what they sound like- removable. This is a good choice for security required on a seasonal or on/off basis.

Extra Options: Moreover, depending on what kind of security window bars/gate products you choose, there are extra options that will enhance your security even more. For example, you can add bars that are tamper-resistant, saw resistant, or padlock your removable bars for window security bars that are optimized.

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