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Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 Under: Vehicle Security
Running an event is usually a logistic nightmare. There are plenty factors to be considered when organising and delivering a successful event. We know that working on a big project can lead to accidentally compromised safety aspects, which can turn your event into chaos. Ability to maintain public safety, access control, crowd control, risk awareness, conflict management and friendly atmosphere are only some of the qualities you would expect to come as standard.

Spartan 24 Hour Security specialises in all areas of crowd safety, crowd management, event security and stewarding. We supply operatives to all types of events across the UK..

Our expertise allows our clients to get on with the job of creating great entertainment without having to worry about what their audience is going to do. The audience enjoy themselves and the event organiser knows that audience is in safe hands with the expertise of Spartan 24 Hour Security.

Whether you are operating a stadium, sports venue, concert hall or festival site, any large concentration of people is vulnerable to a wide range of security threats.

At one end of the spectrum, large public events provide an attractive opportunity for petty criminals and drug dealers. At the other end, they present a potential target for terrorist attacks. In all cases, it is essential that sites are subject to thorough planning and rigorous security measures in order to ensure the public‘s well being.

At Spartan 24 Hour Security we arm you with the insight, processes and expert security knowledge required to implement prevention measures, manage crises and minimise business interruption. Drawing on our proven crisis management and cyber security capabilities, we will deliver you timely, customised and innovative solutions that ensure your venue offers exceptional levels of security protection, while safeguarding visitors’ enjoyment and experience.

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