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Using wrist bands for events

Posted by Mark Hughes on Saturday, March 9, 2019 Under: Event Security Cheshire
Wrist bands have become a necessity to help make parties, events and festivals successful. The simplicity of a wristband has made it a very popular substitute for ticket admissions and the best tool for identification; whether it is for groups, age or VIP status.

Whether you are the party planner or throwing the party, there is too much to worry about with food, drinks, caterers, entertainment and d├ęcor to stress about uninvited guests. Stop party crashers and protect your revenue with high security wristbands. In the past, it was easier for party crashers to sneak in without a ticket. Now, those party crashers are easier to identify if they are not wearing the right wrist band. These high security bands work for either larger parties or smaller intimate settings. Using a bright color will make them that much easier to spot.

But what about people just slipping off their "tickets" and passing it to a friend? High security wristbands have a solution for that as well. Most plastic wristbands and vinyl wristbands feature a locking snap that makes them completely non-transferable. You will need scissors to take them off. To instill even further security, have your event greeters put the wrist bands on your guests for them. That way, guests are not allowed to adjust the size and make it too big to where they could slip it off easily to pass around.

For festivals, the problem of festival crashers increase substantially compared to party crashers. Larger crowds are more difficult to manage and it is not easy to spot crashers. Taking a lesson from popular festivals, such as Austin City Limits (ACL) or SXSW, the use of wristbands is mandatory. High security wristbands are more advanced than ever to prevent crashers. Gate crashers are just a burden and a liability to the security and profitability of your event. Identify authorized guests with high security, customized wristbands.

Another benefit from using bands is able to market for your company and/or event while still having security value. Custom printing your wrist bands is one of the best ways to prevent counterfeits. Use your logo, message, and artwork to create truly unique wristbands that no one will know about before- hand.

From general admission and VIP access to promotions and safety, high security wristbands and event wrist bands act as highly visible tickets that are worn by each of your guests.

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