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August 8, 2020
A key component in protecting critical infrastructures such as stadiums and arenas is the effective training of staff members. Training has been defined as “an educational, informative, skill-development process that brings about anticipated performance through a change in comprehension and behaviour.” Training should centre on incident management strategies, risk management practices, safety and security plans, policies, protective measures, and business continuity and recovery principles. Basically there are three things management wants employees to understand: 1) what management wants them to do, 2) why management wants them to do it, and 3) how management wants it done. According to the National Centre for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), training should be conducted at three main levels: sport security command group (multi-agency leadership team), supervisory leaders and event security staff.

Most of your training should be directed toward effective communication and cooperation among the various agencies represented in the sport security command group (CG). The CG is composed of specialists from five distinct areas: sport facility management, police, emergency management, fire/HazMat and emergency medical services. They should be trained in basic concepts relative to multi-agency collaboration, risk assessment, planning and response/recovery principles. The expectation is that the leadership team will be knowledgeable and skilled to coordinate the development of a sport event security management system at their respective venue, including security operations, planning and implementation. The main responsibilities for the supervisory staff are enforcing the policy and procedures, overseeing the training program, and evaluating personnel. For an effective security plan to achieve its objectives, a qualified and trained event staff is essential. The following outline provides an overview of each staff position:

•   Parking Attendant: ensures the ingress and egress from facility parking areas. They generally perform the following duties: vehicle screening, pre-event parking lot sweep procedures, control traffic flow and parking pass/credential control measures.

•   Gate Security: prevent unauthorized entrance to the venue and will perform the following duties: keep prohibited items out of the venue; secure perimeters around the venue; conduct security inspections; and verify tickets/credentials.

•   Ticket Taker: verify tickets (tearing or scanning) and credentials when turnstiles are not in use.

•   Usher: maintain a safe, orderly environment, and guide spectators to their seats.

•   Concessions/Maintenance: maintain a clean and safe venue, sell food, beverage and merchandise, and respond to spills and incidents.

•   Field (Playing area) Staff: maintain a safe and orderly environment and prevent unauthorized entrance to playing area. They will normally observe and report problems in crowd, protect the field, resolve problems for teams, and evacuate playing area if necessary.

•   Security Force: police officers and/or security guards employed to protect physical (facility) and human (people) assets.

Volunteers are an essential addition to event staff for major sporting events, typically representing more than 50 percent of all event personnel. For example, it is projected that 71,000 volunteers will be recruited for the London 2012 Olympics. The integration of full-time staff, part-time staff, temporary workers and volunteers is critical to the success of the event. There must be an understanding of roles and responsibilities. When determining the number of staff required for an event, several factors need to be considered, including 1) anticipated attendance, 2) number of events (for example, multi-sport vs. one-time event, 3) level of knowledge and expertise required for each specific role, 4) scheduling of shifts for personnel, 5) staff composition, i.e. full-time, temporary, and volunteer, and 6) potential threats.

Sport organizations should conduct exercises to test plans and promote awareness of staff roles and responsibilities during an incident scenario. An exercise is a focused practice activity that places the participants in a simulated situation requiring them to function in the capacity that would be expected of them in a real event. Next, developed necessary plans and policies and trained their staff members, they should consider testing their operational plans to assess their level of preparedness. Exercises improve readiness by evaluating operations and plans and reinforcing the concept of teamwork. Exercises help facility managers to:

•   Clarify roles and responsibilities

•   Improve interagency coordination and communication

•   Reveal resource gaps

•   Develop individual performance

•   Identify opportunities for improvement

Wedding Security North West England

July 1, 2020
Wedding security, especially for those with a high number of guests or with VIPs present, can be a wise move. Such a day should be filled with joy and, as with any event where multiple people gather, knowing that a professional security team is in attendance can bring great peace of mind to all involved.

The following are just some of the reasons why many people now consider the services of an event security company to be an essential element of their big day.

Venue safety 

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June 15, 2020

Running an event is usually a logistic nightmare. There are plenty factors to be considered when organizing and delivering a successful event.

We know that working on a big project can lead to accidently compromised safety aspects, which can turn your event into chaos. Ability to maintain public safety, access control, crowd control, risk awareness, conflict management and friendly atmosphere are only some of the qualities you would expect to come as standard.

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Importance Of Event Security

May 21, 2020
That there is such demand for the “One Love” concert shows that the suicide bomber, who killed 22 people and injured 116 in the attack on Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert in 2017, failed to dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of concertgoers or deter crowds from attending high-profile events.

All fans entering the Old Trafford cricket ground for the benefit concert were searched. Authorities asked people not to bring bags and there were additional security checks taking place in ...

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Venue Security North West

April 29, 2020
With so many different elements to consider – from queue management and access control, to crowd safety and health and safety – knowing where to start can be an issue for some industry suppliers. Not for Spartan 24 Hour Security.

Our venue management consultancy service means that experts are on hand to provide advice and guidance, and carry out thorough risk and threat assessments in advance. This means that we can configure a bespoke safety and security strategy that perfectly suits the ...

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Event Security Cheshire

April 10, 2020
Event Management 

There is a legal duty of care for organisers to ensure the safety and security of events. Our qualified Event Management Consultants can provide a management solution tailored specifically to your requirements. Spartan 24 Hour Security are able to provide the full spectrum of operational and project management services for a wide range of events from design, event safety, crowd safety, contractor management, delivery and execution.

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Over the past few years, large scale events and crowded places have found themselves the target of terror attacks, including the attack at the Stade de France and in the Bataclan Theatre in Paris in 2015, the attack during Bastille Day in Nice in July 2106, the attack at the Berlin Christmas markets last November and most recently the attack at Manchester Arena. Such events can be attractive to terrorists, particularly as they result in large crowds of people being gathered within the same pu...

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