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Event Security Greater Manchester

April 10, 2020
Over the past few years, large scale events and crowded places have found themselves the target of terror attacks, including the attack at the Stade de France and in the Bataclan Theatre in Paris in 2015, the attack during Bastille Day in Nice in July 2106, the attack at the Berlin Christmas markets last November and most recently the attack at Manchester Arena. Such events can be attractive to terrorists, particularly as they result in large crowds of people being gathered within the same public space, often with more congested crowds upon exit. With this in mind, it is essential that event organisers are assessing these safety concerns and implementing measures to mitigate these potential risks.

Howard Trott of Spartan 24 Hour Security, explains: “Event security, particularly sporting events, has improved to best practice, legislation, industry standards, reputational risk and so on. Venues, whether concert halls, festivals, stadiums or arenas, are often naturally-secure sites, with physical architecture – whether that is permanent or temporary – increasing the target’s security profile. The addition of security stewards to conduct access control and search regimes, as well as technical security measures, creates a relatively robust security environment when compared to immediately outside the venue. This creates somewhat of a paradox; the time and effort to pass through venue security to the safer internal environment means that people are potentially exposed to greater risk while waiting to enter or when exiting in a crowd.

“Exiting en masse is arguably the most concerning factor and event organisers, through the use of staggered egress or incentives such as post-event entertainment, ‘meet and greet’ or some other strategies, may have to, purely for security purposes, keep attendees in the venue for longer while egress is managed more safely. That said, is that feasible? It may well be difficult to get public buy-in for a staggered or delayed exit from a venue, possible cost implications, potential health and safety concerns to having people remain in the venue post-event. These and other factors need careful consideration.”

Venue & Event Security

February 19, 2020
Running an event is usually a logistic nightmare. There are plenty factors to be considered when organising and delivering a successful event. We know that working on a big project can lead to accidentally compromised safety aspects, which can turn your event into chaos. Ability to maintain public safety, access control, crowd control, risk awareness, conflict management and friendly atmosphere are only some of the qualities you would expect to come as standard.

Spartan 24 Hour Security specia...

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Hotel Security Warrington

December 24, 2019
When guests arrive at your hotel they want to feel safe and sound. They want to be able to let their guard down and relax like they would in the comfort of their own home. Wherever your hotel is located, you should have some level of security. Depending on the location, you may need to offer extra layers of protection or tighten your existing security measures.

In an area where there has been major political upheaval or unrest, hoteliers have been forced to take extra steps to improve the feel...

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Access Control

December 8, 2019
When you take a good, hard look at your access control system, do you see proprietary panels, readers, software and servers? A system that’s inflexible, difficult to manage and several upgrades behind? A functional but limited solution built on yesterday’s technology? If so, it’s time to put your head in the cloud—open architecture cloud-based systems are more secure, flexible and scalable than ever before.

To the cloud, slowly

Putting access control systems in the cloud has been an ach...

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