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Making you pub secure

March 15, 2019
These are just a few guides to keep you starting on thinking about your security system. At the end, it will only be yourself who will be able to determine the different aspects of security you need for your business.

There are a few things to consider in order to make your club pub secured. You cannot rely on a single type of security even if it is a state-of-the-art security system. It does not mean that this kind of security is not needed; rather, it must complement the other security measures you may have. Below are some tips on how to secure your club pub for your patrons and for yourself as well.

Acquiring the most expensive security system is not necessary to make your business secured but it must fulfil specific needs. For example, it will be fine to install ordinary CCTVs on the kitchen, office, and other areas accessible only to the staff. This is for the reason that these areas are usually well-lighted. On the contrary, the patrons' area may not be as well-lighted, therefore, the CCTVs installed on this area must be light sensitive or infrared capable. This will make the area more visible to the monitors.

A big storage space for the CCTV recordings is also not necessary. A week's worth of recording will often suffice since problems in this kind of business happen in an instant and not on a continuous basis.

To complement your security system, you must employ professional and well-trained security personnel. Most often, they are the ones that really do the security for your club pub and the CCTVs are just an added security for review purposes of the events that happened.

Your security personnel must be composed of different traits that fit their respective roles in your security. For security head, he must be updated with the different security techniques and must command respect to his co-workers. The door keeper must be able to determine the characteristics of the people who want to get inside to be able to have a crowd that will blend in. Inside security, or bouncers, must be alert and be able to determine a conflict before it even happens. Preventing brawls and other conflict is always better than breaking them up.

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