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Posted by Tom Franklin on Thursday, October 15, 2020 Under: Nightclub Security
Nightclub Security UK. Atmosphere is a determining factor for your long-term revenue and reputation. Our door supervisors understand their significant role in the development and maintenance of a good atmosphere. They also understand the essence of strengthening your image as a club or bar. Nightclub security is a specialism, and therefore, not every security officer is suitable to work as a door supervisor. This is why we select our personnel based on experience, proactiveness, customer-friendliness and appearance.

“The goal of nightclub security is reducing risks and incidents to a minimum to prevent reputation damage.”
Before we’re able to offer our nightclub security services, it is important to create a safety plan. Risks are mapped out by means of an analysis of the area in this safety plan. After the safety plan has been created, it will be used to determine the door policy in consultation with you. After this, the door policy will be professionally adhered to by our door supervisors, with the aim of finding a balance between maintaining a good atmosphere and ensuring safety. There will also be regular meetings between the involved parties with the aim of safeguarding quality and maintaining optimal security.

Our personnel for nightclub security

Our door supervisors pool consists of proactive, representative and customer-friendly hosts and hostesses, who are passionate about strengthening the appearance of your club or bar. They are, amongst other things, selected on the basis of experience, and are given in-house training and supervision specific to your organisation’s needs. As such, they can be trained in first aid, predictive profiling and/or conflict management. Our door supervisors not only function as the business cards of our organisation; they perform the same role for your organisation. This is why we ensure their professional appearance. We also select door supervisors for specific public, because not all clubs and bars require the same kind of door supervisor. 

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