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Nightclub Safety

Posted by Dave Morgan on Saturday, March 30, 2019 Under: Nightclub Security
Few people expect to awaken some day and observe that their entire community has just become a victim of a major fire, chemical catastrophe, catastrophic storm or terrorist action. However, we all recognise, most likely intuitively, that unexpected situations can and often do occur. And when the unforeseen happens, unfortunately most of the people you'll meet are not prepared and their lives and homes are often ruined.

A well-known example: the catastrophic fire at the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island was among the most deadly disasters at a nightclub. Did the operators of that venue take all the necessary precautions to avoid that catastrophe? History tells us, no, they were not. Moreover, every day violent shootings, knife attacks and significant brawls occur at nightclubs and venues throughout the country. Can nightclub owners protect their patrons from these tragedies? The answer is dependent upon how proactive they are regarding their security and if they have the proper tools and education, but consumers and patrons of nightclubs typically never know what security methods are being used at a nightclub. So what should consumers do to help themselves?

A few simple precautions you should take:

Are there any obvious signs of danger? Case in point, does the structure of the nightclub look to be in good shape? Is the primary entrance sufficiently wide and does it open to the outside to permit easy exit? Do the yards surrounding the nightclub appear to be kept up? What will you do to make contact with the outside world if a catastrophe occurs? Be prepared and have an individual you know available in a situation where you are unable to locate your associates.

Do you have a rendezvous point? Select a well defined location outside to meet up with your friends. Then if there is a pinch, be sure to contact them at your predetermined area.

Do you know where the exits are? Before you enter a nightclub scan the facility to identify all available exits. Are the exit doors chained up? (Never go into a nightclub with chained doors; it's a firetrap!) If there are not at least two clearly marked exits, alert the nightclub's security supervisors and do not stay inside the building if they ignore you. Then call the fire marshal.

When you enter the facility, does the facility feel like a secure place? Does the building appear to have too many people? Are their potential fire sources? Does the venue have safety systems implemented such as sprinklers, security lights and fire alarms? Does the nightclub participate in the Club Watch Community Connection patron protection and violence prevention initiative? Ask the people manning the doors for clarification on your concerns. If you don't feel secure in the facility, don't stay inside the club.

Now that you have been given an overview of some issues to prepare for the next time you go out, you will have a much better chance of making sure that you and your loved ones are safeguarded.

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