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House Party Security Tips

Posted by Susan Hall on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
Having parties at home has changed over the past decade. We have seen on the news, (some of us first hand) what excessive alcohol, gate crashers and limited food can do to turn what should be an enjoyable celebration into a disaster.

Our parties at home and also family functions at other locations need to be planned to avoid unwelcome guests and disorder. The biggest problem is unwanted guests and there are procedures that can be taken to ensure a trouble free celebration.

When having a party at home, please seriously consider and implement the following:

  • Plan when the party will be, what day, what time it will start, and have an end time that it must finish.

  • Decide how many will come to the party, their backgrounds, age and attitudes.

  • Have a written list of these people, and make sure it is final. If a 'guest' is not on the list, then they do not get in.

  • Now inform the police of the above details, give them up to three phone numbers that they can reach you on, and your address. Tell them of any potential problems that you may see, or anyone that may turn up uninvited.

  • Decide how you will manage security - door entry, supervision, direction, and a team that can be readily available to deal with any problems. None of these people should be drinking alcohol or taking any other substances during the party. You may want to employ a professional security company and consultant to look after this sensitive and most important area of the party. (You need a comprehensive crowd management plan)

  • Have a plan for the responsible serving of alcohol. This means that you have a designated bar location, in a primary and visual location, that is managed by a nominated person who is not drinking. Again I strongly suggest a professional is hired for this role.

  • Have ID and list 'only entry sheet' on the front door with the door man.

  • Have an evacuation plan for security and fire.

  • Have a first aid plan and an adequate first aid kit to hand.

  • Can your venue cope with the amount of guests that you have invited?

  • Do you have enough parking, and who will watch the cars?

  • Have you informed the neighbors at least 14 days prior to the event?

Secure all valuables.

  • Have sheds, garages, outside rooms, office and bedrooms been secured?

  • Be very careful how you invite guests and who knows about the event. It should not be advertised on the Internet in any way, shape or form.

  • Inform your insurance company, and ask if you need a temporary increase in cover.

As a host

  • Do not allow people to bring their own alcohol. 
  • Control all alcohol that is served, and look for signs of intoxication. Your bar and security staff can help greatly with this monitoring. 
  • Be very clear about 'invitation only'. 
  • State the start and finish time on your invitations. 
  • Keep noise to a minimum.

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