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Posted by David Morgan on Monday, March 25, 2019 Under: Home Security
When choosing a home security system, you will find that systems have certainly become far more advanced than in years past. In the past, one of the most important features on a home security system was an alarm that was loud and high enough to not only scare away would-be burglars but wake the dead as well.

Today; however, reliable home security companies have come to realize that an audible alarm is sometimes simply not enough to completely eliminate the threat of a home invasion. While an audible alarm might be sufficient to ward off a novice burglar, any burglar with enough savvy and experience can easily sabotage that system before it ever sounds. In addition, even if the alarm does manage to frighten off the burglar for the time being it will offer nothing in the way of helping to make him known to law enforcement.

As a result, the live monitoring system is considered to now be the most important feature in a complete home security system. When choosing a home security system it is important to look for one that offers 24-hour a day, 7 day a week monitoring that is completely uninterrupted. Beyond this; however, it is important to choose a company that has a sufficient number of monitoring centers so that you can rest assured there will be as few technical problems and waiting time as possible. Also, look for a company that does not outsource any of their monitoring responsibilities, which can lead to a break down in the process. Ideally, the best companies offer live operators that have been trained specifically for that type of work.

Home security monitoring not only provides your home and family with monitoring of any potential break-in attempts but can also provide monitoring of other events which could prove to be disastrous as well such as flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes.

If you have never had a home security system installed, you may be curious as to how it works. In the event of an emergency a signal is received by the monitoring center. The center will then make an attempt to contact the homeowner via telephone in order to make inquiries regarding the emergency.

In the event that no one answers the telephone, the monitoring representative will then contact local law enforcement. In the event someone besides the homeowner picks up the phone, he or she will be prompted to supply a personal identification code that has been pre-selected by the homeowner. Should the person not respond to the inquiry, local authorities will be alerted.

A home security system can provide homeowners with round-the-clock monitoring for not only burglary attempts but also fire alarm, carbon monoxide, smoke and heat, AC power failure, freeze sensors and water sensors. Practically any situation that could pose a threat or a danger to your home and property can be monitored. This type of system can also be upgraded to include a two-way voice function that allows the homeowner to speak with a live dispatcher from the monitoring center.

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