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Home security can reduce insurance costs

Posted by Matt Hill on Monday, March 25, 2019 Under: Home Security
Regardless of whether you own a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, a condo on the beach, or a ranch in the suburbs it is important to have good homeowner's insurance coverage. The addition of a home security system can help to reduce the costs of premiums.

When selecting an insurance policy it is important to know what a homeowner's policy will cover and not cover. Most policies will protect your home in the event of damage from fire or water, flood insurance is typically a separate addition. Selecting a home security system with monitoring for fire and flooding will not protect your home and family but may save you additional money when considering a new homeowner's insurance policy.

Many security service providers will advertise that they have fire and flood monitoring but only have one location which may or may not be local. If considering adding a security system with monitoring, look for a provider that have multiple customer monitoring centers to ensure that your home will have the best protection possible.

Another factor when selecting your home homeowner's policy is coverage for your jewellery, computers, and electronics. It is important to know that your valuables are covered in the event of theft, fire, or other peril. Homeowner policies can also include coverage for firearms, furs, gold and silver. Speak with your insurance agent if you have valuables that will need additional coverage.

A burglary can occur within a matter of minutes. The losses from theft can reach into to several thousands of dollars. Although it is important to have a good home policy it is equally important to secure your valuables. A home security system can alert local law enforcement personnel quickly that there has been a potential intrusion and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Many homeowners have opted to install a heavy duty safe to protect jewellery, firearms, and small precious items. There are many safes out on the market. Select a safe that has a good high fire rating that can remain in high heat for extended periods of time. Safes can be bolted to floors to keep them secure.

Once you have ensured that your property coverage is sufficient liability coverage should be reviewed. This type of coverage covers accidental injury or property damage caused by you or your pet(s). The recommended amount of liability insurance is $ 300,000 to $500,000 according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). If your policy does not have enough coverage homeowner's can request additional liability as part of their policy.

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