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Event Stewards

Posted by Brian Murphy on Monday, March 25, 2019 Under: Event Security Cheshire
If you are looking for well trained event stewards, then it will be best to opt for good event security services. While arranging an event, the security factor cannot be ignored, especially in these times when terrorist activities are very common. If you look online, you will find agencies offering their services and event stewards for ensuring security in events or occasions.

Make sure that the security staff you are hiring for events like football matches or wedding receptions should be able to handle multiple tasks efficiently and carry out his responsibility expeditiously. Good event security services offer you the services of well trained event stewards who will be able to manage private events, student events, concerts, public functions, and other events.

Duties of an event steward

Look online for security services and make a good choice. You can get security staff who will be responsible for traffic management, venue security, cash or ticket collection, overnight guarding, backstage security, crowd management, and pit team security.

Stewards are an essential part of an event's security. If you think that your event can do without professionally-trained security personnel, you may be in for some serious trouble as far as safety and crowd management is concerned.

Guidelines to follow when selecting stewards

o Provide a proper briefing to all security staff about the aspects of the event. Make sure you mention the venue, the time of opening and closing and the kind of the attendees. 
o If you are expecting a big crowd, make sure you inform the event stewards about that. If it is not known beforehand, handling a large crowd may pose to be a problem for the stewards. 
o Tell your stewards about the venue plan coupled with all the fire exits, amenities, access points, and an emergency plan elaborating evacuation procedures. You can also provide them a list of the event performers, delegates, or exhibitors together with their names and the unit shell numbers. 
o Ensure that all stewards are highly trained for security purposes; they need to be alert and look for potential hazards during any event. 
o Event stewards should all be wearing the same uniforms, so that they are easily visible. 
o If you are having an event in the evening or in the night, make sure that you provide the stewards with high visibility jackets and torches. 
o Check to see if the event stewards are provided with training for basic first aid assistance. 
o If you are arranging for a day event, it is essential to work rotations with breaks. 
o You may need stewards for guiding vehicles, sorting out behavioural problems and clearing emergency exits.

When looking online for event security services, it is important to keep your budget in mind. Get a reputed company to offer you the services and make sure that it fits your budget. First decide on the venue of the event, and then find out if the company offering the security services will be able to offer its services in your chosen location.

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