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Posted by Jane Harris on Saturday, August 29, 2020 Under: Event Security North West England
Warrington Event Security is a hot topic for everyone these days and with large scale events to contend with, having proper security measures in place can ease your mind and keep you and your attendees relaxed and raring to go…

Being on top of your event security sends a message, loud and clear, to your attendees that you prioritise their safety and well-being. It’s incredibly important to take event planning seriously enough to cover all contingencies… we give you our top tips…


Stay on top of things when planning your event. Before the event, conduct a detailed risk assessment to look into security issues and break everything down. Make a note of the number of guests, how high profile the event is, whether you have celebrities or people of note attending and where the event is held.  Is the event high or low profile? Once you have carried out an initial security analysis you can call in the experts…


Make sure you hire a company or firm who are legitimate security experts and can ensure safety and security at your major event. This is not something to scrimp on when it comes to cost… Short of budget? Then ditch those extra mini burger canapes. Do your research on your chosen security company and always go with a certified expert who will have you covered 100%. In a straw poll of event planners, it was often security that was scrimped on but in the current climate, no one can afford to put security and safety on the back burner. Be smart and be safe.


“If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in…” It’s not just burly nightclub security teams that get to say this… It also needs to be the die-hard rule of your next event. It’s imperative that all guests are pre-checked, screened and have proper identities and credentials displayed on lanyards before coming in to the event… No lanyard, no entrance. Tough love. Make sure the security staff and personnel on the door or registration desks are familiar with who should or shouldn’t be there and you’ll ensure all runs smoothly.


Make sure that staff and personnel for the event and your security team work hand in hand. Together everyone achieves more, right? For the security of any event to run smoothly and for all risks to be eliminated, all staff, security or otherwise need to work together and communicate fully and efficiently. There are hundreds of people involved with events and each one should have a clear checklist of their jobs and tasks and key duties should anything untoward occur. If everyone knows where they should be and what they should be doing, safety procedures can be followed swiftly and smoothly without hitch. Have a team briefing before the event so everyone knows the drill.


No one likes a surprise pat down or frisk when they’re entering an event, so make sure that invitations and literature about the event include a small line disclosing that all persons are subject to search, as well as proper ID being required. Leave the surprise element behind so people are expecting the extra searches and won’t feel violated or embarrassed that their handbags are stuffed full of stolen hotel toiletries.


It’s worth cutting back on extra bells and whistles for your event so that the cash can be directed towards security. Look at proper bag checking stations, scanners, metal detectors and full security checks. Having peace of mind for your attendees and staff at an event is something money cannot buy and no, it’s not OTT, it’s just good common sense.


For large capacity events, always have a medical team or tent on site for any accidents, emergencies or illnesses that may arise. Always plan for the worst case scenario so you have all bases covered should the worst happen.


Make sure someone from the security team is kept in the loop at all times. Changes happen with events, that goes without saying, but make sure your security team are aware of any changes to scheduling, emergency plans, contact details, evacuation procedures and who else in the team to report to. Also make sure the security team are aware of the exact size of venue, how guests will enter, security checkpoints, emergency exits and emergency evacuation plans. Be prepared at all times and you can rest assured that 9 times out of 10, everything will turn out hunky dory…

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