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Event Security Planning

Posted by Mark Davis on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Event Security North Wales
In order for you to have a successful event, event security planning must include some vital processes. Your event patrons will gauge the success of your event based on their experience at the event and one area that gets over looked is the image of security. Patrons want to feel safe and secure at the event. Having a well made plan for possible threats is very important. Even if nothing happens at the event, having a preparedness plan to mitigate any occurrences is worth it's weight in gold.

One tools that is very effective in the planning stages of an event is a risk assessment tool. A simple form that allows you to document what could happen, what potential level of risk does it pose and the action steps to prevent or react to it. By using this tool for your event security planning stages will assist you in developing real actions based on real potential threats. Using this form, start in the parking lot where your patrons will arrive and visualize what threats are possible in this area. Continue on to the inside of the event and make documentation on possible threats that could happen before the event starts, while the event is going on, and when the event ends.

Understanding what could happen and planning in detail to prevent possible risks is important to reduce liability. Your reputation as an event coordinator is also on the line. Should an incident occur and there are no plans on paper for any potential risk, you may find it difficult to secure other events in the future, and be held liable in possible law suits.

Taking into consideration employee safety, patron safety, and structure safety are all vital components to an event security plan. Making decisions on proper crowd control strategies, staffing communications and emergency plans will have a great effect on the outcome of any incident that may occur. I have been to many events where the only training people had to deal with an emergency was communication to every one where the first aid kit was. No one even had first aid certification on site.

Hiring a security company to assist in detailing the risks and creating an action plan is the easiest and most cost effective way to ensure that your event security includes the greatest risk factors and allowing them to train your staff during your event planning meetings can give you more freedom to planning the event festivities.

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