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Event planning checklist

Posted by Marie Sheldon on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Under: Event Security Manchester
The key to successful event planning is being resourceful and avoiding uncertainties. The more you research your available resources, the simpler it is to overcome any obstacles to your objectives and pull off the perfect social function.

When putting together any social function, business party, special event, or mini festival, you can't begin advertising or producing promotional material until you have chosen and contracted a fitting location. Likewise, it would be putting the cart before the horse, to sign up a speaker or book your entertainment before your event visions have been brought clearly into view.

Event Planning Tools

Preparing lists for the many planning stages is an excellent way to stay organized and accomplish your goals. A check list is an important tool for planning any event. Having one will increase your productivity and the chances of meeting your objectives. Some useful headings to use for your check list may be: Tasks, Notes, Due Dates, Activity/Items, Cost, Actual Cost, Questions, Completed, etc.

Whether your check list is on your website, laptop, PDA or or legal pad, it is important to constantly update and amend your list to comply with your changing needs.

Event Budgeting

It is important to scrutinize your actual costs as they emerge, and compare and prioritize them to reach your projected goals. Crucial to the process is having a budget. A budget is a written projection of your expected income and expenditures for a specific time frame. Such a tool is a dire necessity when overseeing financial projects, and a precise budget is your most valuable resource for making intelligent choices. Be sure to update your budget frequently.

Identify your profit sources so you can plan how and when the profit should be spent. Generally, there will only be a few sources of revenue: participants, sponsorship, reserves, and possibly your own private funds.

Event Venues

There is a large selection of event venues to choose from, so feel free to be creative! The hospitality industry thrives on meeting the specific needs of many different types of groups and individuals from all over the world.

When choosing a location, keep in mind that just because a site may seem quite impressive, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's out of your price range. Don't be intimidated. That classy location could end up being the perfect one for your special event.

Event Design

If catering to the upper crust is your intention, you might want to consider hiring one of those companies with the reputation for "doing it right". If this is not your objective, and you're planning a social or festive event, be sure that your theme design transforms the mood of your participants upon entering your affair.

To give an example, clowns riding on unicycles and handing out balloons would certainly put smiles on the faces of the guests to your festival. If you're planning an evening social affair, soft jazz and hors d'ourves might set the mood and encourage mingling and networking and so on.

Event Supplies

Remember that the quality of the supplies you choose for your event should befit the occasion and the caliber of the attending guests. At the same time, you have to stay within the constraints of your budget. This may require some shopping around. There are many items which can be rented for your occasion, such as tables and chairs, linens, audio visual equipment, portable toilets, etc.

Event Catering

Do not underestimate the importance of the culinary department. If catering is required for your event, give it your utmost attention because doing it correctly is so crucial to your success. For a black tie affair, fast foods would be out of the question, but for an outdoor picnic event or amphitheater show they would be quite appropriate.

Event Registration

If you use a third party vendor for registration services, be sure to check their references. Make sure that your contract provides that you own all of the collected data, that it is secure, and that nothing will be shared without your permission.

Protection of personal information is of primary concern when planning your event. Secure socket layer encryption for online information, and document shredders for actual paperwork, are key to the protection of privacy.

Many registration companies charge in the area of $4 per attendee, so sound judgement will certainly benefit your budget.

Event Lighting

The purpose of choosing appropriate lighting is to not only draw attention to show pieces and focal points, but to also provide a welcoming atmosphere at your event. There are many different types of lighting which can be employed to create the desired effects when lighting backgrounds and walkways, dining tables and buffets. Colored lights next to white spot lights can make clear distinctions, while holiday lighting, applied to landscaping and entrances, can create dramatic effects as well as insuring that the pathways are attractively lit.

If you plan meticulously, and pay close attention to details, your event is sure to be a success!

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