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Door Supervisors

Posted by Mark Nolan on Friday, June 28, 2019 Under: Door Supervisors
Door supervisors are used throughout the world at events, stores, night clubs, bars and more. Their aim is to ensure order, reduce the risk of incident and enable everyone to have an enjoyable time without any hassles or fuss.

A door supervisor will stand at the door or entrance to manage the crowds effectively. This can reduce the risk of accident, eliminate the risk of pushing and fighting and keep order as the crowds make their way into the store which has a top sale, the stadium that is hosting the football final or the theatre which has one of the leading stars performing. These door supervisors have years of knowledge and experience, which enables them to handle bustling crowds with confidence.

A door supervisor will also be responsible for ensuring that dress codes are adhered to. If you own a nightclub in the heart of a bustling city centre with a strict dress code then the last thing you want is people arriving in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. Your supervisor will be responsible for ensuring every person walking through the door meets the company's requirements. Remember all places are "right of admission reserved," which means that they can turn people away that are not dressed the part.

Further, if you run a busy pub or nightclub, then the last thing you want is to end up with your bar staff serving under age people. This can lead to hefty fines and even possibly losing your personal license all together. It is imperative that those that don't look twenty five are checked on arrival. In the event they don't have their proof of age with them, then the door supervisor will turn them away and tell them to come back once they have retrieved it from their car, their bag or their home.

People who become door supervisors go through extensive training and certification. This enables them to have the ability to identify certain behaviours, they can pick up when someone looks nervous and they can act on this. This gives them the unique ability to pick people out of a crowd that they feel are suspicious and remove them before any trouble takes place.

In addition to this, they will search bags and clothing to ensure that the people entering your event or premises are not carrying any weapons of any kind. They will confiscate weapons accordingly to ensure that the day or evening goes smoothly without any major problems.

While on the door, you can expect a door supervisor to collect tickets, ensuring that each person entering has the right to do so. If they are working on the door at your nightclub or pub, they may take the entrance fee and stamp the person entering to provide them with the ticket they need.

At regular intervals, the door supervisor will patrol both inside and outside the property looking for any potential problems. They will watch for unwelcome behaviour and conflicts and stop them before they become a serious problem.

If necessary, they have the knowledge and ability to restrain and escort those from the property that are not meeting the behaviour requirements. They will also attend and assist with emergencies, whether medical or physical related.

You can always expect any door supervisor to ensure that everyone leaving the property does so in an orderly and quiet manner, taking neighbours into consideration at all times.

The final thing any good door supervisor will do is to work and co-operate with police and other law enforcement officials.

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