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Corporate Security and loss prevention

Posted by Howard Trott on Saturday, October 20, 2018 Under: Corporate Security
Businesses owners often unknowingly put themselves at risk for theft, fraud, and liability from their employees and clients. A private investigator will perform a variety of services designed to improve your corporate security and reduce loss. Through the use of consulting services, like background checks and computer forensics, as well as solution-based actions, like fraud investigation, a private investigator is a key ally in improving the security of your business.

Some of the most common corporate security services a private investigator will provide include:

Risk Assessment:

The investigator will assess all facets of your business to determine strengths and weaknesses in your current security protocol. An in-depth security analysis enables the investigator to make recommendations to improve the overall security of your corporate property. This may include a review of your electronic devices, including phones and computers.

Background Checks:

One of the best ways to protect your business and yourself is to take time to thoroughly investigate all candidates before hiring. A background check will verify the candidate's work history, education, criminal and civil histories, as well as any issues that could be problematic in the future. Proper screening of your employees will allow you to hire those individuals who may pose the least amount of risk to your business.

Employee Theft Analysis:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation identifies employee theft as the fastest growing crime in America. This fact is alarming to business owners who risk losing money and assets to untrustworthy employees. Embezzlement, intellectual property theft, and unauthorized kickbacks are a few common examples of workplace theft.

A private investigator will launch a through investigation into the situation to determine what risks are present. He will find areas where security is weak and may leave your business open to possible threats, either internally or externally. The investigator will make recommendations for improving your business security to prevent employee theft from occurring. Simple and affordable security measures may be implemented to deter internal theft.

If theft is uncovered during his investigation, he can provide you the proof you need to take appropriate action against the perpetrator. With appropriate documentation, you may be able to prosecute the criminal and protect your business against significant loss.

Undercover Operations:

If necessary, your investigator may pose as an employee to gather surveillance to uncover employee theft, drug use, espionage, or other unwanted activities that are occurring among your workforce. Through first hand experience, he will determine if there are issues that need to be resolved through litigation or otherwise.


As a business owner, you must be proactive in protecting your corporate assets. Don't put it off until something bad happens. Active surveillance and a clear security protocol serve as a deterrent to those who may be tempted to commit dishonest, harmful, or illegal acts against your company. Surveillance can be as simple as installing cameras or hiring security guards to monitor your employees and visitors during the day and your property at night. A qualified investigator will not only make recommendations for surveillance, but may provide security services as well.

Now is the time to secure your corporate assets before you are the victim of theft, fraud, espionage, or similar crimes. Find a private investigator in your area that is licensed and experienced in corporate security and loss prevention.

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