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Choosing a Security Guard

Posted by Dennis Walker on Sunday, January 27, 2019 Under: Security Guards
The image related to security guards is that of uniformed serious looking people standing in front of departmental stores; however there is much more to this field which is becoming a growing job opportunity in view of the increasing crime rate.

Not all security guards have the same qualification, skill and training since they are needed in various posts and are trained accordingly. They are typically seen in all public places like departmental shops, museums, banks, art galleries, corporate offices etc. In these places they might be stationed just at the entrance or sometimes be required to patrol inside the premises to observe any suspicious object, people or activity. There are some that wear uniforms which give the authoritative look and some are plain dressed. There is also the type that wears bulletproof vests and carry arms if involved in high risk tasks then there are those who although do not have the bulletproof vests are armed with guns and some that are not.

The basic categories are:

  • Personal Security Guards are also commonly referred to as bodyguards. They are only responsible to protect their employer against all kinds of danger by keeping a strict watch on them and their surroundings.

  • Corporate security personnel are responsible for the safety of property as well as people.

  • Private security is hired by private companies or individuals for the protection of their lives and also their property.

  • Government security protects not only government buildings but are responsible for the safety of all citizens. They are frequently employed by transportation security administration. Armored cars containing cash to be transferred to different banks cannot do without security guards; in this case since the job involves huge amounts of money and is always at risk the security wears bulletproof vests and carries firearms.

  • Static security stays static in only one position typically the entrance whereas a mobile security officer will be required to move from place to place within one property or over different properties.

Police officers when off duty often take up part time jobs in the above field to earn some extra money.

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