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Posted by Donna Mills on Monday, March 25, 2019 Under: Home Security
You may have heard a lot about home security and the rising crime rate, but you may not know what features a home security system actually has. Let's consider some of the system's most valuable features.

To begin, consider the system's video surveillance option. Through the use of digital Closed Circuit TV, you can put your property under surveillance. This not only serves as a deterrent, meaning that it discourages burglars from even trying, it also provides video documentation of events as they happen. This gives you unprecedented control over your home, using a variety interior and exterior cameras, or even hidden cameras. Additionally, most providers allow you to access your surveillance system from anywhere in the world, viewing live video or recorded video remotely. You can check on the safety of your home or provide a service to your place of business. Closed Circuit TV has been used to discourage workplace theft and false accident claims. You can also have the company's live monitoring service keep track of the live video of your property.

Speaking of live monitoring, this is the option that has proven to be the single most effective element in home security. Live monitoring allows the company's operators to directly call the police in the event of an incident using state-of-the-art technology. Employees working with the live monitoring service are trained to give a quick response whenever there is an event reported. Some national security providers like ADT operate their own national monitoring center. Other companies would just as soon outsource the job to unknown telecommuting agents. However, the advantage is that ADT personally trains its employees and is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

You may ask, in light of that fact, what constitutes an "event?" How is the company alerted to a possible break in? This is made possible through specially designed motion sensors that can detect intrusions. Some security systems of yesteryear were faultily designed, because any small movement could set off an alarm and alert the operating team who would quickly dispatch police. (Primary suspect? Your dog Eddie!) However, the new age sensors can detect the difference between unauthorized man and beast. Additionally, there are sensors installed that can detect problems with carbon monoxide, smoke and fire risks.

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