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Posted by Spartan Event Security on Monday, December 9, 2019 Under: Event Security Merseyside
Liverpool Event Security specialist and experienced team provides the full range of Merseyside event security services, planning, support and monitoring required to ensure that events run smoothly and safely. The company has a great deal of proven experience in this area, including all types of events on any scale and locations, throughout Merseyside.

Liverpool Commercial events, corporate functions and exhibitions represent potential targets for criminals, both amateur and professional, including extremists, irrespective of the nature, size or location of the event. Security is, therefore, an important consideration for all event organisers.

Merseyside Event Security provides security for a variety of events and has done over many years, including Annual General Meetings (AGMs), corporate functions, exhibition and sports events.  The company is very experienced and knowledgeable in security management at events where disruption can jeopardise the company’s reputation or the safety of others attending the event.

Our specialist team works closely with clients to

  • Assess the risk
  • Provide advice on security measures that are required
  • Implement the plan to mitigate the risk of disruption.
Our approach is practical, pragmatic, thorough and tailored to the specific needs of each situation


Liverpool Event Security is extremely well-placed to deliver in this area of Merseyside Sports Event Security; the Company has an already proven record in the planning and implementation of a wide range of security services delivered to large sporting and high profile events throughout Merseyside.

The company understands that there are many challenges facing those who seek to host and participate in sports events around Merseyside.

The threat of acts of terrorism perpetrated by increasingly sophisticated groups, employing increasingly sophisticated methods, continues to be of grave concern in many of the world’s countries. The aim of any of these attacks is to attract as much attention as possible, usually by creating carnage and widespread panic, in an effort to sway public opinion and governments to bend to the will of those who commit them.  And that is where high profile sporting events come into the mix: such events have long been acknowledged as “high-value targets.”

Though the sports events themselves may appear simply to be a form of entertainment, a failure to host or participate in a successful event, particularly if one is disrupted by a major attack will have lasting consequences.

Not only do these events involve a high concentration of people in one area, but with events widely publicised and televised, any incident would rapidly be communicated around the world, if it was not in fact witnessed “live”.

The implications of such a failure or incident, outside of the immediate and devastating body count, would be to seriously diminish confidence Pressure on organisers, host governments and participants to avoid such an eventuality is intense.

Liverpool Event Security experience in event security includes the management of people, security protocols and procedures; its expertise and depth of knowledge is of an extremely high standard and the team’s skill-base includes military, special branch, the services and the Merseyside corporate environment.

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